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I’m getting a bit sick of seeing comments on here and on youtube calling toby a sell out…. its mean and unjustified all he is doing is trying to make us laugh he works so hard maintaining 3 channels two of which he posts stuff every single day not to mention all the tv and other you tube collaborations he is involved in . In my opinion he is one of the hardest working most genuine you tuber out there.
He loves his audience so much and always makes time to sign stuff at shows and will always make time for a photo and a chat.
I love toby so much he’s made me laugh when I’ve been at my lowest and makes me smile on a daily basis.. hes talented smart and so bloody hott lol. And he’s beautiful and i don’t just mean to look at he’s beautiful inside aswell, (One smile from toby and your a goner).

I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but theres a difference between a opinion and just being mean and spiteful,  if you don’t like toby don’t watch him leave him to the people that genuinely love and respect him… cause those are the people that count anyway.

Keep doing what you do toby … ignore the haters and concentrate on the ones that are there for you cause they will be the ones there till the end no matter what…..

Ok rant over excuse the shit punctuation and spelling im still in bed and have a hangover and no glasses on lol bad combo blindness and hangoverness…

♥ to all the genuine TOBY fans out there….BOOP…

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